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Lauréat régional 2004 dans la catégorie " Attraction touristique 50 000 visiteurs et plus"
Les grands prix du tourisme Québecois " Le  prix de la petite entreprise touristique Brador 1990-1991 "

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Art, the sea and good food...

Discover the warm ambiance of

Centre d'Art Marcel Gagnon in Sainte-Flavie, Gaspésie.


All the staff welcomes you.

A short descriptive film of Centre d'Art Marcel Gagnon.

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Ounce upon a time...

An artist painter Marcel Gagnon, an original and determined man wanting the whole world to discover his works of art. One day in 1984 he was attracted by a cottage situated along the Saint-Lawrence river in Sainte-Flavie. It was love at first sight. He saw a place to exhibit his paintings . The Centre d'Art Marcel Gagnon in Sainte-Flavie, Gaspésie was just born.


Self-taught artist painter

Believing in his product and a visionary at heart, his biggest artistic pride has been to sculpt and create the "Grand Rassemblement" in 1986, giving shape to life-size statues and producing his own trademark. This self-taught artist, on top of painting and sculpting adds another string to his bow, writing. Along the years, by his determination and thanks to the help and support of his spouse Ghislaine Carrier artist painter as well. The little cottage becomes bigger and bigger and offers more products under the same roof. He is very proud of his big project, it is the fruit of a lot work and this with no grants or subsidies of any kind.


An Inn and much much more...

inn Sainte-Flavie


At the moment we can consider the Centre d'Art Marcel Gagnon in Sainte-Flavie, Gaspésie as a tourist complex: an Inn, a restaurant, a bookstore and a souvenir boutique and to top it off an art gallery with many exhibit rooms. The gaspésiens and québécois artists who display their art are: Marcel Gagnon, Guillaume Gagnon, Ghislaine Carrier et Jean-Pierre Gagnon, all different from one an other as well by their style and the techniques they use. It is a pleasure for the eyes of connoisseurs and art lovers.


World-famous sculptures



Today against all odds the vastness and the whole of the creator's works is known throughout the world . Marcel can now devote himself fully and completely to his great passions: painting, sculpting and writing since he passed the torch in 1999 to his son Guillaume to ensure a continuity...




Welcome to Centre d'Art Marcel Gagnon in Sainte-Flavie...


Art, the sea and good food.